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“Its my mission to teach others how to make money from property as it changed my life and it could change yours.”

The UK's Leading Property Coach and Mentor

Steven has successfully built up a portfolio of over £9 million consisting of over 88 different properties. This all started with a single BTL property back in 2006.

He is the owner of twelve businesses which between them turnover more than £10 million a year and consist of around 30 employees.

He has been featured on the BBC and ITV and also in his local papers on numerous occasions for his transformational change to his mentees, staff and his local town.

He is an author and multi award winning speaker and has worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He has taught tens of thousands of people how to improve their lives and how to build a passive income, which has made him one of the most sought-after property coaches and mentors in the UK.

He lives with his long-term partner Gemma and their nine year old daughter Sadie. Steven’s journey started when he left school and got an apprenticeship in construction before joining the Army at 21.


Walking The Talk

Steven has an extensive track record as a trainer and Investor. Here's a snapshot of Stevens £8 Million Portfolio and recent projects. 

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Purchase Price: £200,000

Current Market Value: £2.7 Million

Steven bought this building for £200,000. It was a former nightclub and gym that had stood abandoned for 15 years. Nobody wanted to take it on due to its size: 25,000 sq ft (the same as 25 3-bed houses).


Steven turned it into ten duplex apartments, 16 offices, a 200-seat conference centre, a private gym and two commercial units. 


"The Best FREE Resource on the internet"

It's Steven's mission to provide as much free content to people wanting to learn about property investing as possible. He regularly updates his social media channels with the best and up to date tips and insights into property.  

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