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Are you ready to rapidly scale your business, increase your cashflow and take control of your financial future?

UK's Leading Business Coach And Mentor

“Work less, earn more." – Gemma Sharples

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Gemma Sharples Coaching helps existing business owners to increase the efficiency in how they operate, scale their profits, and grow to new heights. 

Raised in Redcar, Gemma Sharples started out as a schoolteacher, while selling products on eBay on the side.

Now, Gemma is director of 7 businesses, has an £8 Million property portfolio and is a triathlon world record holder.

Over Gemma’s 20 years of experience, she has honed the core essentials of business, employing smarter work techniques to streamline operations across marketing, teamwork, and cash flow.

Gemma discovered six key strategies that ignite business success, which she now teaches to other entrepreneurs.


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We can teach you everything you need to know about business, then also provide the tools, accountability, contacts, and lifetime support.

200 + Active UK Members
180 + Excellent Reviews
£8 Million In property
4 Guinness World Records


You will gain ITOL Qualifications in from completing the 12 month mentorship.

We are a power team at your fingertips


To get your business growing as quickly as possible, we carry out bi-weekly "Power hours" via zoom.


It’s Time to raise your standards


You’re the average of the people you spend most of your time with. “Everyone wants everyone else to succeed, we support each other, push each other, work together and call each other out if needed.”


On June 2023, Gemma Sharples broke the Guinness World Record for the longest single event triathlon!  Even breaking the male record.

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To achieve this record, Gemma had to complete these distances:

Swim: 7.2 Miles

Cycle: 186 Miles

Run: 45 Miles

Here's the catch... Gemma was not allowed to stop for more than 5 minutes while being assessed for the record. 

The whole attempt took around 35 hours to complete.


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